#MyHiddenHero: Natomas Unified School District

All In would like to recognize the amazing team at Natomas Unified School District as #MyHiddenHero.


Leaders at Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) have played a critical role in connecting children and families to health coverage because they know that health children learn better. Carol Williams, Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services at NUSD, Carla Najera, Principal on Special Assignment in Student Services, School, and Kathy Phillips, District Nurse, are committed to connecting their students and families to coverage. For their enrollment event, Natomas Unified School District partnered with the ALL IN campaign and outreached to over 13,000 families and parents. They got the word out to the community by phone and by leafleting local churches, health clinics, and businesses. To create a bigger impact, NUSD invited neighboring school districts to attend their event. Their enrollment event helped 30 individuals enroll in health insurance.