Resources for Immigrant Families

ALL IN For Health is committed to helping more California families get covered and stay healthy—this includes our undocumented friends, families, and neighbors! Check out our resources for mixed-status families and get connected to coverage and care today!

IMPORTANT: Read this memo from ICE confirming that parents can enroll their children and other eligible family members in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act without triggering immigration enforcement activity. 

 KYR_Brochure_(1)-1.pngKnow Your Family's Health Care Rights: 

Our new pamphlet includes information on existing options for undocumented and  mixed-status families. It outlines health care rights and protections, and it provides information about accessing care locally.  

Spanish version available here:

Conozca los derechos de su familia sobre su cuidado de salud! 



Will I lose my financial aid package if my DACA expires?

  • Instate-tuition benefits in California, such as AB-540, the California DREAM Act, and the California DREAM loan program, remain in place as these are state benefits. If you have specific questions about your eligibility with regards to these state-level higher education benefits or your ability to repay the DREAM Loan, please contact your academic counselor.

I am an ally, what can I do to help?

  • Urge our lawmakers to pass the DREAM Act, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youth and allies are critical to that goal. 
  • Advocates nationwide should learn more about how to end local law enforcement collaboration with ICE, and push for sanctuary campuses and cities.
  • Donate to your local non-profit supporting DACA recipients and their families who need assistance at this time, or consider volunteering at a clinic in an underserved area.

I trusted the government with my information when I applied for DACA. Can they use it to depot me?

  • DACA requests will not be proactively provided to other law enforcement entities (including ICE and CBP) for the purpose of immigration enforcement proceedings unless the requestor poses a risk to national security or public safety, or meets the criteria for the issuance of a Notice To Appear or a referral to ICE under the criteria.
  • The vast majority of recipients, unless they have a final order of removal, cannot be simply picked up by ICE and deported. They are entitled to proper notice and court proceedings conducted before an immigration judge, and these proceedings can take many years to adjudicate.


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