What’s Next for Children & Families? Let’s Talk!

The new presidency has raised concerns over the future of programs vital to the health and well-being of children and families, such as the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and CHIP. Today, because of these programs, 97% of all children in California have coverage and more are enrolling with the State’s recent expansion of Medi-Cal to include undocumented children.

In response, The Children’s Partnership is partnering with education and community partners to host a series of community forums to connect with families and respond to questions and concerns about their child’s health care, including questions related but not limited to immigration.


Some questions we’d like to help answer at Let’s Talk:  

1. Can I still enroll in health coverage?

Yes. You can still sign up for health coverage through Covered California through special enrollment, or enroll in Medi-Cal any time of the year. Enrollment assisters are available to help you understand your options for signing up for health coverage. Go to http://www.coveredca.com/ to find an enrollment center near you. 

2. Is my personal information safe?

Yes.  Your information is kept safe, private, and confidential. Your income and address is only used to determine eligibility in health programs in your specific county. It will not be shared with any other federal agency.

3. What can I do to help save my families health care?

Review your coverage plans and pay your monthly premiums if your plan requires it. Be sure to renew your coverage annually. Enrollment assisters can help answer any questions you may have on eligibility and renewal especially if circumstances have changed like a change in income, additional family members in your household, moving, etc.

4. What will happen with health coverage for immigrant families?

At this time, nothing is changing with health coverage for immigrant families. Lawfully present immigrants of mixed-status families can continue to purchase health coverage through Covered California or enroll in Medi-Cal. Additionally, all Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and undocumented children under the age of 19 can still apply for Medi-Cal.

5. What will happen with health coverage for undocumented children and Health4All Kids?

We’ve made real progress in California by extending Medi-Cal coverage to every child under 19 whose income qualifies them, regardless of immigration status. Because the state has invested its own money in the Health4All Kids coverage expansion, undocumented children still qualify for Medi-Cal. We will continue to monitor any changes at the federal level that impact our Medi-Cal program here at home.

6. What about DACA? I have Medi-Cal with DACA.

Because California uses state-only funds to offer eligible DACA recipients Medi-Cal coverage, they will continue to qualify if they meet income requirements. However, the future of the DACA program is unclear, and the new Administration has threatened to eliminate the program in the future. You are still encouraged to renew within 180 days of your DACA status expiring.

Proposed Let’s Talk Agenda:

  1. Introductions of speakers & partners
  2. Brief State & Federal Update
  3. Short presentation of concerns & relevant topics (guided by questions above)
  4. Q & A session for families
  5. Announcements & Resources

Outreach Tools Provided by TCP:

  1. Social media graphics
  2. Collateral Materials
  3. Pre-made robocall scripts
  4. Events flyers

Like many of our partners, we are here to protect and promote affordable health coverage and support children and families. Contact Kristelle Jose at kjose@childrenspartnership.org for help organizing an event at your school.

For a complete list of our Let’s Talk events and other community engagements, visit the TCP Community Engagement Page.