New health care options for undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles County!

On October 14,2014, the LAHealth4ALL coalition announced the new, no-cost primary care program for Los Angeles County residents, My Health LA, at one of their many community forums. We heard from Lilliana, a 15-year resident of Boyle Heights, who spoke about her friend, Lourdes, who died of cancer on April 10, 2012 because she didn’t have access to health coverage. Lourdes is one of the many victims who didn’t have health coverage because they were an undocumented Californian. My Health LA (Mi Salud LA) is a no-cost health care program for low-income residents, 6 years old and older, who don’t have health insurance, regardless of immigration status.

My Health LA members get FREE basic medical care at one of the 164 non-profit clinics that are “Community Partners.” Click here to find a My Health LA clinic. People can call the clinics to make an appointment to enroll and to check if the clinic is accepting new patients. My Health LA provides children, families, and single adults in Los Angeles County a medical home, where patients can get primary care from doctors and nurses who understand their medical history. Patients can get prescription medicines, laboratory services, tests, and many more health services. Click here for a list of services. Families across Los Angeles County will now have the peace of mind that they don’t have to wait until they are sick or dying before going to the hospital because the fear of the medical bills.

To download the English and Spanish flyer on My Health LA, click here.