Obamacare Llega a las Escuelas

Juzely Duran a student organizer from Carmichael, California joined the ALL IN Campaign to educate and help students and their families access affordable health care.  She knows first hand how stressful it is for a family to not have health insurance and have to pay out-of-pocket for medical care, 

“When you come from a low-income family and you don’t have insurance, you can’t just come up with the money they charge you at a hospital,” said Duran. “My house is the roof that my mom provides for me. You could lose everything because you’re not insured. I hope everybody takes advantage of this great opportunity so they can enroll.”

“The success of the Affordable Care Act will really be through word of mouth from trusted sources like schools, child-care, and after-school providers,” said Melissa Vargas of The Children’s Partnership, a national children’s advocacy organization that is spearheading the project.  “As soon as a 'el papa' learns that affordable health care is available and has gone through the process of enrolling, he will pass on the word to the rest of his family and his neighbors.  Soon enough, 'el primo' or 'el tio' will also enroll.”

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