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Enroll in Health Coverage

See this roadmap to get started. English | Spanish 

I know that there are many new options for coverage. What do they mean for me?

The California Endowment’s Get Covered campaign has provided an updated overview of the Affordable Care Act and the many options for health coverage now available to Californians. English | Spanish

How can I figure out what I am qualified for?

Use the 2016 Covered California Shop and Compare Tool to see which health coverage options you qualify for. 

Additionally, this Health Coverage Eligibility Worksheet can help you.

I'm not eligible for health coverage through my employer. Where should I go now?

Covered California, the state's health coverage marketplace, has answers to key questions about enrolling, including videos explaining the basics of the Covered California marketplace.

I think I'm eligible for Medi-Cal. Where can I get more information?

Find out more about Medi-Cal, including whether you qualify, on their website.

I have DACA status. Am I eligible for Medi-Cal?

Yes, if you have DACA status you are eligible for Medi-Cal based on income. View this page.

I'm pregnant and have been switched from my Covered California health plan to Medi-Cal. Can I keep my Covered California coverage?

Yes, you have the right to keep your Covered California health plan even if your household income and pregnancy otherwise qualify you for Medi-Cal. Learn more.

I'm pregnant and don't have health coverage, but I don't qualify for Medi-Cal. Where can I get coverage?

Medi-Cal Access Infant Program (MCAP) provides low-cost coverage for middle-income families who do not have health coverage, but who also do not qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal. MCAP is also available to women whose health coverage does not cover maternity services, or whose maternity services coverage is too expensive. MCAP can also cover your newborn up to age 2. Find out more about MCAP.

Where can I get help enrolling?

Use this network map to find local assistance.

Where can I find resources about health coverage in Spanish?

Asegúrate provides Spanish-language information about health coverage options.

I live in San Joaquin. What changes affect me?

Covered San Joaquin has provided an overview of Medi-Cal changes. 


Renew Your Health Coverage

I'm looking for basic information on renewing my Covered California or Medi-Cal coverage. Where do I start?

View the Medi-Cal renewal postcard and Get Covered/Asegúrate poster with information in English and Spanish about maintaining coverage.

English: Postcard | Poster Spanish: Postcard | Poster

How do I renew Medi-Cal?

You can renew by phone, mail, fax, or in-person. Check out their renewal flyer.

I have Medi-Cal and moving soon. How do I transfer Medi-Cal? 

To transfer your coverage, you must contact your sending (or current) county and request to transfer. Read more about Med-Cal inter-county transfers.

I have CalFresh. Do I need to renew?

You are automatically enrolled into Medi-Cal. No application necessary! Read more about “Express Lane Enrollment,” which makes this possible.


Get Care

How do I use my health plan?

Covered California has put together a helpful graphic that explains some common insurance terms and walks you through the process of going to the doctor.

Where can I find a health center near me?

Enter your location to find a center nearest you.

What services are available to me through Medi-Cal?

Check out this list of services covered by Medi-Cal.

My child has Medi-Cal. Do they have dental coverage?

Yes, if your child has Medi-Cal your child also has dental coverage! To find out what services are provided under their dental coverage, view The Children’s Partnership fact sheet for your county. (If you live outside of Sacramento and Los Angeles counties, please use the statewide fact sheet.)

Dental Coverage Fact Sheet | California | English and Spanish

Dental Coverage Fact Sheet | Los Angeles County | English and Spanish

Dental Coverage Fact Sheet | Sacramento County | English and Spanish

To find Medi-Cal dental services near you use the InsureKidsNow.gov search engine.

My child has coverage through Covered California? Do they have dental coverage?

Yes, if your child is enrolled in Covered California, he or she has dental coverage and should go to the dentist for regular check-ups and care. To find a dentist, contact your health plan. To find out what services are provided under their dental coverage, view The Children’s Partnership fact sheets.

Dental Coverage Fact Sheet | California | English and Spanish


Resources for Undocumented Individuals and Families

I am an undocumented immigrant. What do I need to know about health coverage?

Your child may soon qualify for Medi-Cal! Starting no sooner than May 2016, undocumented children who would have otherwise qualified for Medi-Cal except for their immigration status will qualify for coverage. Asegúrate provides an explanation of health coverage for immigrants, public charge, and the personal mandate. FAQ for Immigrants – English | Spanish

I am undocumented. Is it safe to enroll my family?

Yes! In fact, here is a memo (English | Spanish) from ICE confirming that parents can enroll their children and other eligible family members in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act without triggering immigration enforcement activity.

Additionally, Covered California reassures families that information is safe, secure, and confidential for everyone, including undocumented Californians. English | Spanish

What health care program can I use to get covered?

My Health LA is a health care program for uninsured people (ages 6 years and up) provided at no cost to those living in Los Angeles County.  See their income eligibility. View their English | Spanish flyer. Additionally, here are their English I Spanish presentations.

My child does not have access to Medi-Cal, Covered California, or a job-based health plan. Where can I find information?

Actually, no sooner than May 2016, your child may qualify for Medi-Cal coverage. Additionally, Kaiser Permanente Child Health Program (CHP) offers health coverage to children under 19 who do not have health insurance. For more information, choose English or Spanish. For help signing up or renewing in Northern or Southern California, download this flyer and resource list.

I live in LA County, and I'm not eligible for Medi-Cal or Covered California. Is there health coverage available for my family or me?

My Health LA is a no-cost health care program for people who live in Los Angeles County, over the age of 6, and meet certain income requirements. View My Health LA's presentations. English | Spanish

Where can I find medical services?

HOPE’s California Healthcare Resource Guide for Undocumented Immigrants lists medical services provided at each clinic, hours, phone number, address and the forms of payment available. English | Spanish

I need legal help for my DACA/DAPA application. Where can I find local help?

The Administrative Relief Resource Center has put together a list of organizations and legal services that can help you. You can also see your assistance options on this map

I have more questions about DACA and DAPA eligibility, who can I call?

Call the NALEO Education Fund's hotline number, 1(844) - 31 READY.

I'm looking for more information on how I can apply for Medi-Cal using my DACA status.

Here are two helpful resources from the California Immigrant Policy Center and UCLA Labor Center.

I need assistance with my Medi-Cal coverage. Who can I contact?

Use this County Contact List for Medi-Cal Assistance for Immigrant Californians. Find your county and call or email the person listed. 


Tax Information

I received a 1095-A tax form from Covered California. What is it?

Your 1095-A shows what Covered California paid to your insurance company over the previous year to help you with the cost of your health coverage. You will need this form when filing your taxes. See Covered California’s 1095-A instructions.

I received a 1095-B tax form. What is it?

Some Californians with Medi-Cal may receive a 1095-B tax form to show that they had coverage during the previous year. You will not need the form to file your taxes in 2015, but you should keep the form for your records. Anyone with coverage through Medi-Cal will be able to check a box on their tax forms saying that they had health coverage in 2015. Visit the Medi-Cal 1095-B form page to learn more. 

Who is exempt from the tax penalty?

You are NOT required to pay the tax penalty for being uninsured if your immigration status makes you ineligible to buy health coverage through Covered California. If you have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or are undocumented, you are also EXEMPT from the requirement to pay the tax penalty for being uninsured, even if you have a Social Security number.

Visit the National Immigration Law Center to get further details and forms that you need to claim exemption when filing taxes.

And review the Immigrants & Exemptions from the ACA Individual Mandate fact sheet.

Where can I find a list of who is exempt from the tax penalty?

Covered CA can provide a detailed list of their exemptions.

I need help preparing my taxes. Do you know of any free programs?

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax help to people who generally make $53,000 or less, persons with disabilities, the elderly and limited English-speaking taxpayers who need assistance. IRS-certified volunteers provide free, basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals.

I plan on visiting a VITA provider. What do I need to bring with me?

View the VITA checklist.

Where can I find a VITA provider in my area?

To find a VITA provider near you, enter your location.

What's the California Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and does it have anything to do with health care?

The California Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a new cash back tax credit for California's working families and individuals. The California EITC means more money in the pockets of working families that can be used to help pay for the costs of health coverage and care. Use this infographic and chart to see if you qualify.



Help Others Get Covered

I'm a school administrator or local organizer, and I want to spread the word about how families in my community can keep their health coverage. What resources are available to me?

View the Medi-Cal renewal postcard and Get Covered/Asegúrate poster with information in English and Spanish about maintaining coverage.

English: Postcard | Poster Spanish: Postcard | Poster

How can Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) be used to help students get covered?

We have provided a LCFF Fact SheetLCAP Talking Points and LCAP Sample Language for your use. Help create a “culture of coverage in your district. Please contact us directly for more inquiries.