School Toolkit

Schools have a special connection to students and families, and ALL IN For Health is here with materials to help you connect them to coverage. During Covered California's open enrollment period, you can help connect families to affordable health coverage options. All income-eligible children qualify for Medi-Cal, regardless of their immigration status, and ALL IN For Health is here to help you spread the word about this new opportunity for families. Download blow or order our toolkit materials and send them home with students to spread the word about affordable coverage and care options.  

For updates on the expansion of Medi-Cal to all children, regardless of immigration status, visit

Mental Health Resources: 

Children’s Mental Health  – Let's remind children and families about the importance of caring for their mental health. Obtain resources from partners here:


Learn How Schools Can Promote Health Coverage and Care


2018–2019 School Year CalendarSchools can promote health coverage and care all year long. Keep this flyer handy for simple ideas to engage students and families. Updated for the 2018–2019 school year.
2018- 2019 School Calendar 11x17 Poster: Available to hang up in your classroom. COMING SOON! 


AI_Fact_Sheet_AB2706.pngAB 2706 Fact Sheet: This year, California schools are required to provide health coverage enrollment information to families at the beginning of the school year. Learn more about this new requirement and how you can comply.


Learn more about how schools can promote health coverage and care by viewing "Connecting Kids to Coverage—How Schools Can Help Kids Stay Healthy," - Webinar created for the 2016–2017 school year.

Materials to Print and Share with Families

All materials available in English and Spanish unless noted otherwise. All fact sheets can be downloaded and designated spaces can be customized to include local information (asterisked information below provides instructions).

Order materials to easily distribute to the children and families you serve.
















Let's Talk: Healthy Eating for Kids

Forming healthy eating and drinking habits early on will help your child live a long, healthy life. This resource provides valuable information about the importance of nutrition and helpful tips for making healthy eating and drinking choices. It also contains useful information about programs that can help make it easier to access healthy food for your family.

Spanish version available here: 

Hay Que Platicar: Alimentacion Saludable Para los Ninos



Let's Talk: Oral Health for Kids 

Taking care of your child’s mouth and teeth will help them become a healthy adult. This brochure provides valuable tips for keeping your child’s mouth healthy and preventing tooth decay. It also contains important information about dental coverage for children and why oral health matters. 

Spanish version available here: 

Hay Que Platicar: Saludar Oral Para Los Ninos





Know Your Family's Health Care Rights: Our new pamphlet includes information on existing options for undocumented and mixed-status families. It outlines health care rights and protections, and it provides information about accessing care locally.   

Spanish version available here:

Conozca los derechos de su familia sobre su cuidado de salud! 



Healthy Students Flyer: Help us defend children’s coverage by sharing our new Healthy Kids Flyer which shows the tremendous impact the ACA has had on our children in the Central Valley. 








Family Flyer: Inform families about how to enroll in and renew their coverage and get the care they need. Download a customizable version.*


Health4All Kids Flyer: All children, regardless of immigration status, now qualify for Medi-Cal coverage. Help inform newly eligible families about this coverage opportunity by printing and sharing this flyer. Download a customizable version.*

Download the flyer in Tagalog (customizable version also available).

Download the flyer in Hmong (customizable version also available).




Managed Care FlyerNow that families are enrolled in Medi-Cal, help them select a managed care plan by passing out this flyer. The flyer explains how to pick or change a Medi-Cal plan and how to find a doctor in their network.

Download the flyer in Spanish (customizable version also available).

Download the flyer in Hmong (customizable version also available).




BookmarkInform families of Health4All Kids with this fun bookmark. Regardless of their immigration status, all low-income children can enroll into full-scope Medi-Cal any time of the year. Formatted with English on one side and your choice of Spanish, Thai, Tagalog, Korean, Khmer, Japanese, Hindi, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Cantonese on the other. These bookmarks can easily be passed out to kids and families for a fun reminder all year long about how to enroll in Medi-Cal.



Dental Coverage Flyer: The Children's Partnership, creator of the ALL IN For Health Campaign, has released dental coverage fact sheets for children. Across the nation, dental health needs are the number one unmet health need of children. And since 2015, all children with Medi-Cal and Covered California health coverage have dental coverage. Pass out these dental fact sheets to help California families understand their children's dental coverage and improve the oral health of your students. There are three different flyers to reflect the differences in Medi-Cal coverage between Los Angeles County, Sacramento County, and the rest of the state.

California Dental Coverage Flyer

Los Angeles County Dental Coverage Flyer

Sacramento County Dental Coverage Flyer


Get Care FlyerNow that more families than ever have health coverage, help educate them about the importance of getting routine preventive care. Download a customizable version.*


Get Care Card: Give families the tools they need to keep track of their children's health care information and regular checkups. The ALL IN For Health Get Care Card gives families a convenient record of the their children's medical care. Order copies to distribute to families from ALL IN For Health. Learn more about the Get Care Card.

Tools to Help Schools Spread the Word

1) Blurb for NewsletterUse this message in your next school newsletter to spread the word about the expansion of Medi-Cal to all income-eligible children, regardless of immigration status.

2) Robocall Script: Place a prerecorded call to families in English and Spanish alerting them to the fact that all income-eligible children, regardless of immigration status, now qualify for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits.  

Have questions about affordable health coverage? View our Q&A for families to learn more about how to enroll in coverage, access care, and more!

Having trouble accessing our materials? Contact Aurora Garcia-Barrera at for help.   


*Instructions for adding local information and logo to customizable flyers:

  1. Delete or reposition the text box in the upper right hand corner of the file, based on whether you would like to add your own text. 
  2. Click Insert—>Picture—>From File. Select the logo you want to insert from your computer. 
  3. By default, the image will be "In line with text” Wrapping style, which you will need to change. 
    • Double click the photo to get the “Format Picture” window and select the “Layout" tab.
    • Select "In Front of Text” for your Wrapping style.
  4.  The logo can now be resized and positioned.