Success Stories

#MyHiddenHero: Pomona Unified School District

Thank you, Darren Knowles, for being an outstanding health champion at Pomona Unified School District!


Darren Knowles is a true hidden hero. As Assistant Superintendent at Pomona Unified School District (PUSD), he led the District’s effort to connect students from K-12, adult education, a child development programs, and PUSD employees to coverage. To do that, PUSD partnered with the ALL IN Campaign to inform tens of thousands of students, families, parents, and employees about health coverage opportunities through Covered California and Medi-Cal. PUSD also partnered with the ALL IN Campaign to host an enrollment event, which resulted in the enrollment of 16 individuals in coverage. To this day, PUSD is continuing to connect individuals with certified enrollment counselors to enroll them into coverage.

#MyHiddenHero: Montebello Unified School District

Leaders from Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) go above and beyond for the health of their school community.


Cheryl Plotkin, Assistant Superintendent Business Services at Montebello Unified School District, with her colleagues, Jose Franco, Principal on Special Assignment, Pupil & Community Services Division, Juanita Moya, Division Secretary, and other education leaders at the District. Montebello Unified School District hosted an enrollment event on March 22, 2014. They conducted outreach to over 30,000 parents and families by robo- calls, flyers, and in-person contact. They worked collaboratively with the ALL IN Campaign, Montebello Teachers Association, parents, and students to make their event a success. As a result, more than 200 individuals showed up to the event. Between the event and follow up with individuals after the event, 164 individuals enrolled in coverage.

#MyHiddenHero: Encina Preparatory High

All In would like to recognize Barry Roth's dedication to keeping students and families healthy at Encina High School.


Barry Roth, English teacher at Encina Preparatory High in San Juan Unified School District, wanted to make sure members of his community had health coverage. He led the school in hosting an enrollment event with the ALL IN campaign. He believes that “hosting a ACA event is not only a wonderful way to empower and enroll members of the community, but also an opportunity to celebrate the resources SJUSD has to offer.” Encina High School reached out to over 1,000 students, families, and parents and enrolled 90 individuals.

#MyHiddenHero: Natomas Unified School District

All In would like to recognize the amazing team at Natomas Unified School District as #MyHiddenHero.


Leaders at Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) have played a critical role in connecting children and families to health coverage because they know that health children learn better. Carol Williams, Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services at NUSD, Carla Najera, Principal on Special Assignment in Student Services, School, and Kathy Phillips, District Nurse, are committed to connecting their students and families to coverage. For their enrollment event, Natomas Unified School District partnered with the ALL IN campaign and outreached to over 13,000 families and parents. They got the word out to the community by phone and by leafleting local churches, health clinics, and businesses. To create a bigger impact, NUSD invited neighboring school districts to attend their event. Their enrollment event helped 30 individuals enroll in health insurance.

#MyHiddenHero: Student Empowerment Academy

Let’s Recognize California’s Hidden Heroes! All In would like to recognize Principal Renee Williams at Student Empowerment Academy.


Student Empowerment Academy’s (SEA) Principal Renee Williams partnered with the ALL IN Campaign to host an enrollment event at her school. As a school leader, she understands that good health coverage helps her students be able to achieve and gives families peace of mind. At SEA’s enrollment event, 13 individuals enrolled in health coverage through Covered California, Medi-Cal, and Kaiser Permanente’s Child Health Program.

Video: Couple Signs up for Health Coverage at Natomas Event