Why Schools?


The Reach is Great!

  • Over 10,000 schools across California.
  • Nearly 33,200 licensed child-care providers across California.
  • Approximately 4,500 after-school programs across California. 
  • Over 11,000 licensed-center based care sites across California (including Head Start sites).

Healthy kids make good learners. No one knows that better than school leaders!

  • Schools are uniquely positioned to serve as “on-ramps” to connect uninsured children and families to health coverage. Families trust the information they get from schools.
  • Many children who qualify for health coverage through public programs are not currently enrolled. ACA will bring uninsured children and adults affordable options for health coverage and new avenues for enrollment.
  • Millions of parents, school employees, and children will qualify for financial assistance in purchasing health insurance through California’s health insurance marketplace, Covered California.