All in for Health has launched its Kids Count – Census 2020 campaign!

In the 2010 Decennial Census, nearly 2 million children ages 0-5 were missed across the country. When kids are part of the census count, the community receives its fair share of money for important programs like Medi-Cal, CHIP, WIC, and Head Start.

All these programs are crucial for the healthy development of children, so we’re here to help you prepare now through April 2020 to ensure that our kids are not shortchanged of the resources they need to help them thrive.

Our Kids Count – 2020 Campaign is here to give you the resources and tools you need to spread the word on the importance of the Census and ensure families complete the questionnaire once it’s released. Over the next six months, we will be releasing fact sheets, social media templates, pledge cards, and many other resources to help you encourage families to participate.

And we’re starting NOW!

Take The Pledge!

Spread the Word!

Now that you’ve pledged your support, you can spread the word to your colleagues! As an educator, you can order our Teacher Pledge Card to ensure all students are counted. You can order Pledge Cards to distribute among your colleagues or fellow advocates here.

You can also encourage your students and families to be counted! Ask them to sign our Family Pledge Card to pledge they will participate in the Census by April 1st. Order Family Pledge Cards here. 

You can also download our 2019-2020 Back to School Calendar for more ideas on how to integrate the Census into your health conversations with families year-round! 

Social Media Toolkit & Graphics:

In this toolkit, you will find helpful information and tools on how to start educating students and families on the importance of the Census through social media.

DYK census data helps determine funds for services that support special education for students? Let’s make #KidsCount in the upcoming #2020Census to ensure they are not shortchanged of resources they need to thrive.

A complete count helps ensure that California gets the amount of federal program funding our schools need. During the #2020Census let’s encourage our students and families to be counted! #KidsCount

Download the full toolkit here!

Download the graphics below!